During our university studies we met great people who significantly enriched our lives. Our desire is to pass on what we have received ourselves and to help young people in the development of their character and personal integrity. There are many things in this world that are out of control but if one wants to change the world, one must start with a change in their own heart. We believe in the power of younger generation. We cheer for the students and we try to support them.

We do not take lightly this challenge:
“Young people do not need critics but role models.”

Our Vision

We want to see a society full of people who strive to have impeccable character and who desire to live a life of integrity - full of people who demonstrate high-quality values and have a meaningful purpose in life and full of people who enjoy life but also have respect for it. We believe that a change in society starts with an individual. We believe that a change in an individual is possible through a personal relationship with God.

We are here for all who ...

  • ... want to discover their uniqueness
  • ... desire to start new friendships
  • ... do not want to go with the flow
  • ... are searching for a vision and specific goals for their lives
  • ... believe that change is possible

They said about us

Dr. Carl Armerding, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Regent College

Ing. Petr Matoušek, PhD., Faculty of Information Technology at Brno University of Technology

As a university professor at a technical university I like the activities that In-Life organizes and which are an addition to the education of young people. While being in charge of lectures, laboratory exercises and other activities I can see how little we as university professors can lead our students to a responsible and independent life. What the students can learn at school might help them in their career but often nobody will tell them how to make right and responsible choices, how to judge various opinions, how to communicate and build relationships with other people, or how to view oneself. I am glad that Integrity Life offers activities that help to edify young people and teaches them how to find their place in this world.

Dave Patty M.A., Founder and President in Josiah Venture

I first came in contact with In-Life almost 20 years ago. Actually, I heard about them many times before I was able to visit one of the meetings and see for myself the wonderful work they were doing with university students. As with all things that have true value, their reputation spread ahead of them because people who had been impacted by the work who talked about it wherever they went.
There are many things I like about In-Life. They have maintained focus for the entire time I’ve known them, meaning they are truly experienced and have great depth in what they do. They want students to learn about God and Jesus Christ in a very authentic and true way, one that is free from pretending and people pleasing. Their lectures and activities are interesting, relevant, and help young people find the answers to the very basic questions of life – why am I here, what is my purpose, is there a reality beyond what I can see, and what will give my life lasting meaning.
If I was a student again I would immediately get involved in one of their groups, since I believe the work of In-Life gives context and meaning to the hard task of learning and study. University equips one to make a living, but answering the big questions of God, value and purpose is what make that life worth living. I highly recommend this work and the In-Life team.

If you are interested in knowing more

In-Life started in Brno in 1982. In 1991 it was registered with the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic as a non-government organization. Throughout the years, ten-thousands of students have been involved in our activities. Many of the students have developed their character qualities and practical life skills which helped them later on to be successful in their careers and family life. Others found healing of their hurts from the past or overcame destructive addictions.

In-Life is a member of the Student Union in the Czech Republic and cooperates with universities and university organizations. Currently, In-Life offers its activities and events in four university cities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
In-Life obtains resources for its functioning from various foundations grants and donations from individuals, firms and companies.

If you would like to support some of our activities, contact the office of the In-Life Center.