Our team

Even though we are from different cities, we are heading the same direction. We are more of friends than colleagues. And what we do is more than just ‘a job’ to us. We have a common desire to pass on what we have received ourselves and to help young people in their development and personal growth. You can meet us in university cities in Czech BrnoPrague and Slovakia Bratislava.



We need to face the chaos of relationships, not run away from it.


I am inspired by people whose hearts stayed soft, kind, loving and full of hope.


I like trying new things, getting to know people and experiencing new adventures with them.


I look for an inspiration mainly in my favorite book – the Bible.


Because I was always interested in people, I desire to help them both on a human and spiritual level.


I enjoy exploring the visible world (including microcosm) as well as the invisible one.


„There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.“ (C.S. Lewis)


I believe that a person can know themselves the best through a personal relationship with God.


I like trying new things – new software, sewing machine or creating crafts from paper.



I enjoy steep ski slopes, mountain climbing and wild water kayaking.


I enjoy discovering beautiful and charming spots where you can sit down and have a good conversation with someone.


Nezůstaň stát!



The Bible simply tells you straight away what your condition is. And that is a very good start.


I like discovering new places, recipes, musicians, people and their life stories.


My life motto is: “Never, never, never give up!”


I believe that we can effectively pass on only what we are inwardly convinced of.


I enjoy exploring God’s character and the healing power of faith.


Relationship with Jesus is something completely different than religion – in fact, it’s the exact opposite.


I am joyful when people around me are learning, developing, and moving forward.