Ing. Alena Kunovská

„I like trying new things–experimenting with new software, using a sewing machine, or creating crafts from paper.“

I studied ecological engineering at the Technical University of Brno. In my freshman year I encountered In-Life. Instead of becoming an ecological activist or a professor of technical drawing (even though I tried both of these), I have chosen to work with young people. I enjoy being creative with them–using our hands and minds. We discuss movies, books, life, or what I am reading in the Bible at that given moment. The Bible is more than a textbook or a norm for a good and vital life. The truth is that it's about me and my depravity, but mostly it's about the best in me–about Jesus. I like trying new things–new software, a sewing machine, or creating crafts from paper. I love making lists. For example, I like to make lists of books that I would like to read, movies I would like to watch, places I would like to visit…a list of what I would like to create, cook, try…and I cross the items out faithfully when I complete my list.