Mgr. Dita Michálková

„Because I have always been interested in people, I desire to help them both on a human and on a spiritual level.“

I come from Brno where I studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. During all my years of studies, I was involved in In-Life as a volunteer, and since 1997 I've been working there full-time. I saw the need in my life to find the right direction, something that could be trusted, and something lasting and meaningful. Through a personal relationship with Jesus, I have experienced fulfilment in each of these areas, and I enjoy passing on to others what I have gained myself. Because I have always been interested in people, I like helping them in their practical lives as well as in the spiritual aspects of their lives. My deep lifelong conviction is expressed by the famous novelist, Dostoyevsky, "I don't believe there has ever been anyone more beautiful, deeper, more compassionate and more perfect than Jesus."

In the present time, I am focusing on leadership, counseling, and lecturing. The most common topics I lecture on are stress, fear, personality, or emotional intelligence. Now, after seven years in Ostrava, I again live in Brno. Together with my husband, Martin, we raise our two children–Patrik and Anežka Věra. I like expressing my thoughts and emotions in poems.

You cover a man
With a moss fluff
And he changes
When he trusts in You
And he shall not wither
And does not fly away

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