Ing. Martin Michálek, PhD.

„I enjoy exploring the visible world (including microcosms) as well as the invisible world.“

I studied at the Faculty of Electrotechnics and Communication Technologies at the Technical University of Brno, majoring in electronic microscopy. Exploring the visible world (including microcosms), as well as the invisible, is very attractive to me. It's interesting to discover how everything is interconnected and well-designed. What I desire in life is not only for events and things to have their rightful place, but also for every person to be able to find what is most meaningful for their lives. I enjoy investing in young people, especially university students. Some of my favorite topics for seminars that I do are planning, organizing (how to study effectively), or the reliability of the Bible. I've been involved with In-Life since 2003. With my wife, Dita, we have two children–Patrik and Anežka.