Mgr. Petra Nosková

„A relationship with Jesus is something completely different from religion–in fact, it's the exact opposite.“

I come from Hradec Kralove and I studied physical therapy at the Medical Faculty at Charles University in Prague. I met people from In-Life during my studies. I was very excited that someone was focused on university students–not only in the area of personal development but also in spiritual development. Therefore, I decided to start working with In-Life, and I moved to Bratislava in 2014 to work with students there. I take part in organizing events and retreats and I do personal mentoring, and marketing. I enjoy meeting new people. I like cafes, music, languages, and traveling. When I have the opportunity, I play the violin, if possible, with other excited musicians. When I was 17, I started searching what could truly fulfill my life. I learned many new things about the person of Jesus Christ. In a personal relationship with Him, I found more than I had expected (rest for my soul, unconditional love, and the immense meaning my life possesses). A crucial discovery for me was that a relationship with Jesus was something completely different than religion (and maybe the exact opposite). I enjoyed tearing down the prejudice about Christianity which I personally had prior to my relationship with Jesus.