Mgr. Vlasta Kuťáková

„The basis of a healthy personality is the awareness that someone loves me deeply and genuinely.“

I studied at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Hradec Kralove and Brno, majoring in special pedagogics. During my studies I took part in the activities of In-Life as a volunteer. At the present time I am on staff with In-Life Hradec Kralove. I help to organize and host student events and promote and communicate with the public. I also focus on counseling, helping students to get to know themselves, help them know how to overcome life obstacles, and how they can find their way in their personal and spiritual lives. It's a joy for me to discover cafes in Hradec, and I enjoy conversations over a cup of good coffee or tea. A good source of relaxation for me is music, sports, or reading a good book. A quote that sums up my deepest belief is, "Love is the most powerful healing power which can act in the life of a person." I believe that the most significant factor in the development of a healthy personality is the awareness that one is loved, that someone cares about them, and that they are also able to love others. During my studies I got to know unconditional love and acceptance through a personal relationship with Jesus.