Ing. Eva Blažková

„I enjoy exploring God's character and the healing power of faith.“

I come from Silesia. I studied civil engineering in Brno. During my studies I was intensely searching for the meaning of life and the power to truly love myself and others. I took an interest in yoga. However, what changed me was the power of forgiveness that Jesus won on the cross for every person. I've been on In-Life staff since 1996. I like meeting new people and hearing their life stories. I also like to learn more about God's character and about the healing power of faith. I enjoy lecturing on the topics of God's father heart, respect, the nature of prayer, or relationships between man and woman. I really like music and dance. I play the cello, I sing, and I enjoy creating music. The combination of music, the spoken word, dance, and painting fascinates me. Together with my husband, Zdenek, and our children, Lukas and Darja, we like visiting and exploring new places, lakes and ponds, and cycling routes. At the moment, I am part of the leadership and mentoring team, and I work with people who are leaders in the civil and commercial sphere in Prague.