Ing. Lenka Hlavenková

„'The most important thing in life are the foundations.' It's important what I build my life on.“

I studied the Faculty of Economics at Mendel's University in Brno. During my studies I joined In-Life as a volunteer, and now I have been on staff for more than 20 years. I do personal counseling, mentoring, and leadership. I do various lectures and seminars focusing on topics connected with relationships–what are healthy boundaries, how to set healthy boundaries, healthy independence, and the journey toward maturity, the worth of a person, etc. I believe that the spiritual dimension is important in relationships, just as in life as a whole. I enjoy meeting new people, traveling alongside them for a part of their journey, and understanding them deeply. It brings me joy to help others progress so that they fulfill as much of their potential as possible. I really like singing, playing the guitar, and composing songs. I enjoy playing with other musicians, for example playing in the band called Small Talks. I really like France–its little towns, surrounding nature, the smell of lavender, and the people who embrace life. My husband, Tomas, and I are raising our two sons–Jakub and David. Together we enjoy going to trips–walking, cycling, skiing, or going to lakes and ponds.

My life motto is, "The most important things in life are the foundations." It's important what I build my life on. During times of trials, difficulties, or troubles, this foundation is revealed. The storms of life verify whether our foundations are sufficiently stable, whether they last or whether our life tumbles down like a house of cards. Foundations are made of our values, attitudes, and the people who are in our lives. I came to the conclusion that the most stable foundation for my life is a faith in Jesus Christ. This firm foundation has not failed me in any storm in my life.

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